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Ifor Page

This is a collection of photographs that Ifor and Mary Page allowed the ISDS Sheepdog Archive to digitalise several years ago. Ifor Page was a keen trialler, travelling to Scotland and England for the nationals and internationals when his job as a shepherd allowed. He was the Welsh Shepherds Champion in 1955 and 1957 with Meg 11144. They also won the Welsh Driving trophy in 1955.

Many people will remember Ifor's brother Mel Page. Mel won the Welsh National three times, in 1973 with Nell 65799, in 1970 with Sweep 23470 and in 1982 with Cap 108145. He won the Welsh Brace in 1980 with Nell 65799 and Fly 108143. He won the Welsh Shepherds Championship four times, in 1973, 1974 and 1978 with Nell, and with Cap in 1982. He was the 1982 Welsh Driving Champion with Cap.

Click below to read about brothers Ifor and Mel Page.

Ifor Page from Llangadog

Mel Page from Llangadog

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