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Internationals 1950 - 1959

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1959 International programme


Here is a film taken at the 1953 International.

This footage is taken from the International Sheep Dog Society's annual 'Working Trials' now known as the International. They were held at Ely Park in Cardiff in 1953 on the 17th, 18th & 19th September. This film was taken on the first day when there were two classes: the Hired Shepherds' International Championship where nine shepherds (three each from England, Scotland & Wales) compete; and the Brace Championship (Doubles) where again nine handlers compete (three each from England, Scotland & Wales).
0.18 Llyr Evans,
0.28 Harry Huddleston from Lancashire with his dog Duke 6017 watching from the grandstand,
1.04 Competitors - probably the Brace competitors as they were then subsequently filmed,
1.20 the Brace running starts,
1.23 the Course Director James S. Gray flags for the sheep to be let out,
1.31 first to run is Ifor Jones, a local competitor from St. Asaph, running Imi 4377 and Jim 5689, the dogs move the sheep around the course similar to the Brace courses of today, hitting the gates on the course,
2.12 Ifor is shedding the sheep to split them into two packets so that each dog gets to pen their own sheep,
2.45 the first pen, the dog has to hold the sheep in the pen while the second dogs pens their sheep,
2.57 the second pen,
3.03 Ifor gives both dogs a pat as the job is finished,
3.14 another competitor, John Holliday from Pateley Bridge in North Yorkshire with Belle 8631 and Roy 5406 at the first pen.
4.00 another competitor's dogs
4.19 another competitor's dogs
4.45 another competitor's dogs
The winner of the Brace that day was David Murray from Peebles with Vic 6486 and Number 6152. They were two black dogs and may be the last dogs seen in the film, they seemed to have the sheep under perfect control. 



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